BUS 475

Analyze the origin(s)and subsequent evolution of your personal and workplace values.And the work place is WalMart

Telecommunications and Networking

Write a 4-7 page paper including the following:· Analyze the current options available for use of TCP/IP andOSI models for businesses.· Research options for improving the current use of TCP/IPand recommend new software and equipment that’savailable.· Describe how use of equipment, software, and multiplexingcould aid in improving use for communications which wouldreduce network congestion.

Converting a Network

A recent university graduate gets a job as a network administrator for a mid-size company that has a network with ring topology with UTP cable using the token passing access method. UTP is also the cable use to link one ring (segment) to another via hubs. The nodes connected to the network use ISA NICs. The company is using the IPv4 addressing scheme, and BOOTP is being used to assign addresses to network nodesThe new network administrator wants to switch to a star topology using fiber optic cable for backbone and distributed backbone. The network would use Ethernet architecture with the CMSA/CD access method. (You need to state which Ethernet standard he should recommend and why.)The network would use routers for connectivity devices instead of hubs.  Also, he wants to switch to the IPv6 addressing scheme, and he wants to use DHCP to assign addresses to network nodes.If he needs to leave a segment as a token ring, what connectivity device should he use so that would allow connecting two systems with different architectures? What does this type of device do that allow information from one system to be read by another. The OSI model layer at which connectivity device operate has an impact on what would be useful and how they impact the network. Include a discussion of which layer of the OSI model the connectivity devices mentioned in this question operate at and how that affects their function in the network.What would be the benefits of the changes he wants to make? What would be the challenges? What objections might management have to making the changes and what would be his arguments in response to those objections?For the purposes of this question you do not need to know about the token access method. You just want to explain the features and benefits of CSMA/CD. Also, your discussion of the backbone network choice should explain why that would be a good choice compared to other backbone networks.


a 100- to 200-word response that addresses the following:How do you think TCP would handle the problem if an acknowledgement was lost, so that the sender retransmitted this unacknowledged TCP segment, therefore causing the receiving transport process to receive the same segment twice?2)a 100- to 200-word response that addresses the following:For each of the following operations on a remote file server, discuss whether they are more likely to be delay sensitive or bandwidth sensitive:What are some of the challenges of these operations?

Optimal transportation and linear programming model

Optimal transportation of goods in a supply chain is
essential because it is important that:• The total transportation cost is minimized• The demand at warehouses is satisfied• The capacity at production facilities is not exceededThere are production facilities in Battle Creek, Cherry
Creek, and Dee Creek with annualcapacities of 500 units, 400 units, and 600 units,
respectively. The annual demands atwarehouses in Worchester, Dorchester, and Rochester are 300
units, 700 units, and 400units, respectively. The table below gives the unit
transportation costs between theproduction facilities and the warehouses.Worchester Dorchester RochesterBattle Creek $20/unit $30/unit $13/unitCherry Creek $10/unit $5/unit $17/unitDee Creek $15/unit $12/unit $45/unitHow much of the demand at each of the warehouses must be met
by each of the productionfacilities?This problem can be modeled as a linear programming model asDecision VariablesXbw = # of units to be transported from Battle Creek to
WorchesterXcw = # of units to be transported from Cherry Creek to
WorchesterXdw = # of units to be transported from Dee Creek to
WorchesterXbd = # of units to be transported from Battle Creek to
DorchesterXcd = # of units to be transported from Cherry Creek to
DorchesterXdd = # of units to be transported from Dee Creek to
DorchesterXbr = # of units to be transported from Battle Creek to
RochesterXcr = # of units to be transported from Cherry Creek to
RochesterXdr = # of units to be transported from Dee Creek to
RochesterObjective FunctionMinimize total annual transportation cost ($):= 20*Xbw + 10*Xcw + 15*Xdw + 30*Xbd + 5*Xcd + 12*Xdd +
13*Xbr + 17*Xcr + 45*XdrConstraintsDemand ConstraintsXbw + Xcw + Xdw ≥ 300 (demand at Worchester)Xbd + Xcd + Xdd ≥ 700 (demand at Dorchester)Xbr + Xcr + Xdr ≥ 400 (demand at Rochester)Capacity ConstraintsXbw + Xbd + Xbr ≤ 500 (capacity at Battle Creek)Xcw + Xcd + Xcr ≤ 400 (capacity at Cherry Creek)Xdw + Xdd + Xdr ≤ 600 (capacity at Dee Creek)Non-Negativity ConstraintsXbw, Xcw, Xdw, Xbd, Xcd, Xdd, Xbr, Xcr, and Xdr are ≥ 0Integer ConstraintsXbw, Xcw, Xdw, Xbd, Xcd, Xdd, Xbr, Xcr, and Xdr are integersThe above model can be solved using the Microsoft Excel
Solver tool

Physicians as leaders

Read:This article talks aboutphysicians as leaders. It is written by a physician for physicians, so itprovides insight into how doctors think of themselves in leadership. How can youuse this understanding of doctors and leadership in managing your own healthcarefacility? After all, the organizational chart shows the board of directors andCEO at the top, but physicians are just as important in leading any hospital orclinic. How will you integrate physicians as leaders in your own organization? 200 word minimum