age related drug and alcohol knowledge

Do you believe providing information about drugs to school-aged children is an effective deterrent to later drug use and abuse? Why, or why not? At what age do you believe it is appropriate for children to be learning about drug use and abuse? What makes this age the most appropriate?(300 words please)  THANK YOU!!!

math homework help

Search the internet to find a current article (published within the last two weeks) that provides statistical information relating to public policy and which you think is misleading. Explain why you feel the statistical information is misleading.  Remember to provide a link to the article.


Describe a business situation, where mean and standard deviation can be used in decision making. Describe how calculation of mean and standard deviation can help in making a decision.What are the various methods one can use to identify the shape of data distribution collected for research study? Why it is important to know the shape of distribution? How it can be used in decisionmaking? Provide examples.Select an article from a news magazine or research journal where data is displayed in a pie or bar chart. Describe the data displayed in the chart and what conclusion you could draw

Global Talent Mangement

Differentiate between talent management for global versus national efforts and how your organization would address the creation of a global effort if one is not already in existence.From the e-Activity, the article “Learning a Key Piece in Talent Management Process” suggests that a global taxonomy is a worthwhile initiative to assist in managing talent in large multinational organizations. Also, the article “Diving into Learning and Talent Management” highlights a company that has a competency and certification learning program in place for talent management. Using Google as a company needing a global taxonomy, competencies identified, as well as certification requirements, develop a rationale for a global taxonomy and certification for three key positions for which Google would likely need to develop talent. Explain why this type of talent development would be necessary and beneficial to Google.

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IT final

ProposalThe accounting firm, for which you work as an IT administrator, consisting of 40 employees has just merged with a smaller firm consisting of 10 employees. The smaller firm does not have an IT administrator on staff. As a result of the merger, a new building has been purchased to accommodate the additional employees in the city’s downtown historical district. (See attached floor plans below.)The building has been included on the city’s register of historic buildings. The building has significant architectural features on the interior that must be maintained in compliance with the city’s historic landmark district and zoning ordinance. As a result, the interior can be updated only to make it structurally sound. All other architectural features must be maintained or restored to the same state as when the building was constructed.Currently, the employees of the smaller firm are using older model Dell computers (circa 2005) with a Windows XP operating system. They are using a peer to peer network. Their employees are currently using Microsoft Small Office Accounting® Software, Microsoft Works, and Internet Explorer. They use avast!® (free version) for malwareUnit 9 [IT190: Foundations in Information Technology]protection. Backups are performed by individuals when they feel it is necessary. There is no company standard for backup.Your company is also in desperate need of hardware updates. Most employees are using older systems with Windows XP. A couple of newer employees are using Windows Vista. You have a client/server network using Windows 2000 server. Your accountants use either Intuit® QuickBooks® or Sage® Peachtree® software. You are currently using Symantec™ Antivirus™ Corporate protection. Your company currently performs full back-ups monthly, differential backups weekly, and incremental backups nightly. These backups are made to an onsite server.You now need to integrate all of the employees onto a single network. Your boss has requested that you prepare a proposal for integration to present to the city council and the investors. Remember, as well, that as an accounting firm, security is of the utmost importance. The chapter references following each question should give you a good starting point for your research. Your proposal should consider the following:A. Computers for each employee (Marketing has indicated a preference for Macs due to their graphic capability). Be sure to include the make, model, and price for each computer you recommend. (Chapter 1)B. Be sure to include the hardware requirements for each model and why you are making the recommendations that you are. You should summarize the key hardware requirements for each computer – for instance, hard drive storage, RAM, CPU information, etc. For each component, be certain to explain why this is an important consideration and how it will benefit your company. (Chapters 2, 6)C. Application software requirements for each computer (Chapters 3, 4)a. Accounting software (review what the companies are currently using. What functions do they have? Will you keep one or both of the current options, or choose something new? Why?)b. Graphic design software (for marketing) – remember, they will be using this for designing such items as the company logo, website, yellow page advertisements along with other marketing materials.c. Browser – explain why you chose the particular browser (i.e. security, convenience, ease of use, etc…)d. Security – be certain to discuss the companies’ original security measures. Are they appropriate? Why or why not? Then consider both physical and logical security options for your network.e. Any additional software you feel will be necessaryD. Operating system recommendations for all computers. (Chapter 5) Explain the reasoning behind your choice. Why did you choose this browser for your particular firm?Unit 9 [IT190: Foundations in Information Technology]E. Network operating system recommendation (Chapter 7)F. Network hardware – you should include anything you think you will need based on your reading from the book and any web research that you have done. (Chapter 7)G. Backup System – remember that you should consider the location of your backup, and not just the software and schedule. (Chapter 9)H. Additional devices that employees may require (PDAs, Cell Phones, Printers, Scanners, etc. (TiF – IT Ethics, Chapter 8)I. Security – how will you secure your system? Remember to include both physical and logical security in your discussion. (Chapter 9)Remember to give your justification for each of your decisions. Don’t just provide a list of your final recommendations. Assume that your audience has only basic computer knowledge. Also, please be sure to cite your sources! Everything should be summarized in your own words!Project FormatYour final project may be in one of the following formats. If you would like to make your presentation in a format not listed here, please check with your instructor.1. PowerPoint Presentationa. You will prepare a detailed presentation for implementing your plan to the city council and investors.b. For the presentation you can use PowerPoint and incorporate various tools like Jing screencasts, Authorpoint (where you can narrate the PowerPoint presentation), Videos, Animoto, images, etc.c. The PowerPoint presentation should be at least 10-15 slides (excluding cover and reference slides)d. Remember the requirements for a good presentation. Search term: Powerpoint tipse. Please use the Notes section on your slides in order to fill in any information that you are not including on your slide. You can also include an audio file with your presentation.f. Please remember to include a slide with references you used in preparing your presentation.Unit 9 [IT190: Foundations in Information Technology]2. Video/Audioa. You may also choose to prepare a video or audio presentation (Podcast)b. The video/audio presentation should be at least 5 minutes in length and include all the required informationc. The video/audio can be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo®, Screencast®d. Provide the link for the video/audio in a word document along with your citations for the presentatione. Please provide a separate outline and reference page with your submission.3. Written Papera. Finally, you may choose to present this information in the form of a written paper in Microsoft Wordb. The paper should be 3-5 pages in length (excluding title and reference pages) and include all the required informationc. Please include a reference page for your citations

Resistance to Talent Mangement

Discussion 1: Resistance to Talent ManagementStrategy-driven talent management is considered the most effective way to acquire and maintain top talent. Develop three possible ways that senior leadership might resist the development of a strategy and one way to combat each of these types of resistance to ensure a sustainable talent management strategy remains in place.Discussion 2: Leaders’ IntuitionDebate the value of leaders who profess to have their own methods to identify high-potential employees. Consider the risks involved with an unstructured method to select future organizational leaders.

SCI207: Dependence of Man on the Environment (GSM1318C Week 3 Lab: Biodiversity

Read Lab 3: Biodiversity. This lab will allow you to investigate how various organisms alter their environments. Additionally, it will allow you to assess the health of the ecosystem in which you live through the germination of various seed types. Then, utilize this information to complete Experiments 1 and 2 on the Lab 3 Reporting Form. Make sure that all of the following items are completed before submission:
Read through intro material and record your hypothesis for “Experiment 1: Interdependence of Seeds” on the Lab 3 Reporting Form.
Perform “Experiment 1: Interdependence of Seeds” using your eScience lab manual and kit. Answer post lab questions 1 through 5 on the Lab 3 Reporting Form.
Record your hypothesis for “Experiment 2: Diversity of Plants” on the Lab 3 Reporting Form.
Complete “Experiment 2: Diversity of Plants” using your eScience lab manual and kit. Answer post lab questions 1 through 5 on the Lab 3 Reporting Form.
All post lab questions for “Lab 3: Biodiversity” should be completed on the Lab 3 Reporting Form. Save your completed Lab 3 Reporting Form as a Word document.

Restoration and Recovery Plan

the information from the Cyber-attack Scenario listed in the Week Five materials found on the student website.a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that includes a step-by-step restoration and recovery plan. This plan must create strategies to restore information-system operations in the event of an attack or failure.sure to address the following points in the step-by-step plan:·In relation to your position, identify the steps you would take to address how to recover data, secure the establishment, and investigate the crime.·Include the strengths and weaknesses of contemporary methodologies and technologies designed to protect information systems and data as part of your plan’s justification.Use the Cyberattack
Scenario to complete the Week Five Individual Assignment.: Fort Lauderdale, Florida8:10 a.m. – The local hospital’s network has
been compromised and is not allowing employees to access any of the
computers.8:20 a.m. – Fort Lauderdale Airport’s
computer system has completely shut down; the reason is unknown.8:30 a.m. – Bank A, the largest bank in South
Florida, found out that their system has been hacked into and millions of
dollars have been stolen from numerous bank accounts.Consider the following questions:·What are
the ramifications of these incidents?·Who is
affected?·What may
be the outcomes?Imagine that
you occupy one of the following positions: the police chief, the city mayor, the bank’s chief executive officer, the
airport’s director of security, or the hospital’s chief executive officer. In
relation to your position, identify the steps you would take to address how to
recover data, secure the establishment, and investigate the crime.